Where does hope come from?

Often everything can seem hopeless, dark, overwhelming and because you’re in an emotional state you can’t see a way of coping alone.  If you are thinking of coming for counselling out of desperation it can feel like nothing will ever change and hope is replaced by despair.  Thinking and seeking therapy can be seen as hope as you want things to get better.  This is a natural part of being human – wanting things to improve.

How is hope activated?

Seeking therapy is looking for direction.  Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is part of the process because you can’t do it alone.  Expressing your feelings means you become less overwhelmed and in time become more able to look at and approach your issues from a different angle.

How hope develops?

Seeing new or different ways in dealing with your problems can open up choices to you that seemed impossible when  feeling overwhelmed, and stuck.  Being able to see realistic choices develops the hope process.  As you work within the therapy you are more able to start the process of moving forward, usually taking small steps. Through new found awareness you can identify the negative reoccuring patterns from the past and hopefully choose a different path..

How is hope sustained?

Therapy can help you to discover different ways of moving forward in order to achieve decisions you make.  As these ways seem more realistic and achievable your energy and motivation is freed up from being held back.

Preventing setbacks.

In relation to the progress you make it is important to express how you feel so you can see and identify any potential obstacles in your way.  Talking about and exploring the obstacles that  might trip you up can prevent past patterns from reoccuring. Through your new found awareness you have the choice to make different decisions.
Hope is:
  • Natural
  • Activated by wanting things to improve and get better
  • Developed by exploring and finding a way to move forward
  • Sustained by believing realistic goals can be reached.
  • Being aware of potential obstacles as well as being able to see the way forward. 
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
Albert Einstein